Report of 16 Days Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

The Programme, which took place on the 7th of December, 2021 started with the participants being asked to write their names for record purposes was followed by an opening prayer by the Ikeja LGA LACA Manager. Shortly after, participants’ introduction session was anchored by the Good Women Program Officer


Then came the Ikeja Local Government Vice Chairman who not only commended the organizers for a job well done but charged the participants, being our community members to avail themselves of the opportunity afforded them by making the most of it.


In his own remarks, the Medical Officer of Ikeja Local Government also appreciated the CIHP and GWA for the worthy initiative but also charged the participants to make the most out of it. He went further by enlightening the participants of the dangers inherent in women circumcision and also asked the participants if any of them has experienced violence in any form. He admonished them to always and promptly report any incidence of violence to the relevant authorities.


Responding, the Good Women Association Executive Director, Ms Biola Ibiefo, thanked the management for finding time out of their bust schedules to attend the programme and she then assured them that it will be a worthwhile experience. She used the opportunity to inform the ‘August Visitors’ what Good Women Association stands for as well as admonishing the participants to participate freely and enjoy themselves while the session lasts. She assured them she is one of them and a partner in their progress.


In her own response, the Program Lead, Ms Zainab told the participants to see the programme as a call to champion the cause of fighting the menace of Gender Violence in whatever form it may come and also told those in attendance to listen attentively to the course of the programmes.


Consequently, the Program Officer, called on the CIHP Representative, Ms Seyi, to give a talk about Gender, she in turn broke the house into two sessions to ask them practical questions and life experiences on Gender Based Violence with the followings being some of their responses:

Does a woman have the right to reject sex advances from her partner?

Should a woman be beaten up whenever she makes a simple mistake as a means of correction?

All of the question were there and then proffered solutions to to the admiration of all present.


The CIHP Representative, Ms Seyi, went ahead to discuss the difference between Gender and Sex [Biological Sex] ……. She encouraged the participants to always as a matter of priority visit health care facilities at their beck when they are sexually abused to reduce their chances of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or HIV.


In another development, a participant in the FSW Community shared an experience of how a female sex worker got abused and beaten by a Hotel Manager where they both work. She complained about how unpleasant the experience was and she was charged by all present such occurrence in future should be reported to the relevant authorities…. A position the Ikeja LG LACA Manager corroborated by sharing an experience of how a teen was sexually abused by an Islamic scholar but was promptly reported to the government and the scholar later faced the full wrath of the law.


Questions and answer sessions by some of the participants on how to gain more understanding on the incidence of Gender Based Violence were to follow as well as how to prevent women from experiencing it ……this session without doubt enticed the participants


In her closing remarks, the GWA Program Officer, thanked the CIHP for putting this in place and also appreciated the participants for their rapt attention and show of decorum throughout the course of the program


The program came to a joyful end at exactly 2.25pm with all the participants asked to sign off against violence affecting women


Lunch and group photo ops were to follow afterwards with the following being some of the pictorial highlights: